Tuesday, April 25
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 "...First Venture Capital Firm in Kuwait and GCC flexible to widen activities to Opportunistic Private Equity Deals ..."
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Private Equity

Our objective is to seek lucrative investment opportunities in non-listed privately held businesses in the GCC region.

Khazaen's exceptional profitability is attained through the capital appreciation of its investments, achieved either through the listing in a local stock exchange or trade sale.

Khazaen uses an investment approach that targets companies that can grow aggressively and become sizable businesses in rapidly emerging markets.

The market opportunity for most investments will often be based on the company's unique features that exhibit excellence in the industry or service offering, as evidenced by aggressive due diligence and group assessment. These types of companies are generally much more likely to develop competitive positioning, market share leadership, and greater profits.

There are some businesses who believe that the venture capitalist acts in the best interest of the company only to achieve value creation for the purpose of an exit strategy. Khazaen is committed to building companies that will be successful in the long term, beyond an IPO or acquisition.